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Office Cleaning

Healthy office is a clean office. The people that work for you will feel better in a clean environment, not only that but they will be more productive. Dusting and removing allergens from your working place, all the restrooms and corridors being properly cleaned as well as floors, are crucial for the good feeling and healthiness of your employees. And this is why we take it very seriously.

We are committed to providing the best office cleaning services to our clients. It will be a privilege if you invite us to your place and let us do what we do best. It is a priority to treat our customers will nothing but respect. At the end of each day, our work and our goal are to meet and surpass your expectations.

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Experience is Everything with Office Cleaning


Probably you are wondering why should you choose us for your office cleaning? Well, take a moment to see what stands behind our name. At Simina Cleaning, from the start, our goal has been offering a reliable office cleaning service that will put you as a customer in the highest place by making sure your needs are satisfied.

We have been working in the cleaning business for a very long time by living up to that standard. The cleaning staff that we have contains only professionals that take their job seriously. We understand the ebb and flow of your business and will work with you to provide custom and competitive packages and price points tailored to your specific needs.


We’ve Got the Right Equipment for the Job

Nothing is too big or too small for us. We are not some random cleaning company that will come and does the job halfway. We pay attention to the detail – this is what distinguishes us from the rest. Want to see your reflection in the computer monitor or the pillar tabs? Not a problem – this is why we are here. We will wipe all the dirty spots left from the food from your microwave. The waste from your trash cane? Done. All the stains from the wall? What stain? Where? You and your staff partied too much at your annual party? Here we are. Like it never happened. Our professionals will take care of everything.

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First Impressions Count

Appearance in business is important as well as as in life. A clean and sparkling workplace pre-possess toward a successful, wealthy and working business model. Again, Simina Cleaning is here to help with everything your business might need to be a clean and vibrant place where people like to come every day and do their job. This is why we doing it – we love what we do and we do it well. We want you to accept us more as a concierge company – a company that will give you a kind of service that your business needs. At the end of the day, the most important thing is your employees to feel productive and your cus-tomers satisfied.

Our Prices – Minimum 3 Hour per visit


£13.00 p/h

one off

from £13.00 p/h

Spring Cleaning

from £13.00 p/h

Builders Cleaning

from £15.00 p/h