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End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

What our End of Tenancy Cleaning includes? That is our leading service and in it, so as in all other services we perform, we are not doing any compromises with the quality of it. With the experience we have obtained during the years we perfectly realise how important this service is, and we have served numerous satisfied customers all over the city of London. If you want to know book us just click on the Contact Us button.

The service we represent is an efficient combination of processes and techniques in delivering immaculate and fresh appearance in every property. Our technicians will not just clean the dwelling, they will take care of it as if it is their own. They will do everything necessary to fulfill all of your cleaning requirements and will not leave until you are 100% confident that everything is like it has to be.

Who can take advantage of our end of tenancy cleaning services?

So, who is appropriate for the end of tenancy cleaning service? Maybe you do not have the time, do not want to “get your hands dirty” or you just want everything to be performed by professionals – we got your back. Simina Cleaning services are suitable for everyone who is in need of every of London’s districts.

We serve both –renters and owners. Renters – if it is time to go to live at some other place, you need to clean everything completely in order to get you to deposit money back. Do not worry – that is why we are here. Owners – with our far-reaching cleaning your property will be good as new and ready to take its new tenants straight away. We can help you even if you are a letting agent – if someone of your clients is moving in or out – in both situations we can assist you.

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Machine Wash of Upholstered Furniture and Sofas

The home cleaning service is provided with professional cleaning machines and detergents, with the help of which the upholstered furniture, carpets, carpets or paths are washed deep and dried within the same day.

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window cleaning

Wash Windows and Blinds

The windows and windows blinds are washed bilaterally with suitable accessories and preparations that allow the rainwater to drain after cleaning, and a film with anti-static action remains on the windows.

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Cleaning the Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning is one of the most popular services in the home cleaning package. When cleaning kitchens, we decrease the oven, cabinets, and refrigerator from the outside, but we can clean all your equipment inside as well, after prior appointment and inspection.

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cleaning the sink

Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning

Unlike the other rooms – in the bathroom, we use strong disinfectants to remove soapy sludge, limestone, mold and more. Comprehensive cleaning of homes necessarily involves extensive work in the bathroom and sanitary facilities.

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vacuuming the floor

Machine Cleaning of Hard Floors

When cleaning hard floors, we use professional single-disc and vacuum machines, as well as detergents according to the type of flooring. In addition to the tiles, we can clean the socket and joints.

cleaning the floor
dusting the furniture

Dusting Your Furniture

We use powerful vacuum cleaners equipped with reliable filters and nozzles for vacuuming fine particulates from your furniture. They are wiped with an anti-static agent suitable for different surfaces and fabrics, in order to provide the best home cleaning service.

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What Our Professional End Of Tenancy Service Includes?

In this article, we will give you an example list of the things our services cover. There will not be a corner of your rental place that will not be covered by our true professionals. You have the freedom to add your personal demands to the others written below. Kitchen – our cleaners will go through all storages, closets, cupboards. All the appliances and equipment such as greasy stove and oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, the refrigerator will be cleaned as well. All working surfaces and instruments will be sanitized and cleaned along with windows, their ledges, frames even the doors with their frames.

Restroom and bathroom – sanitizing and disinfection of the wall and floor. Scrubbing and descaling of the sinks, taps, showers, and bathtubs. Cleaning of the doors along with their frames, doorknobs, the lighting devices will be also cleaned. Bedroom – will be swept and hovered, the dust will be removed. All of the windows, ledges, frames, carpets, and dressing will be covered. Sitting room –whatever the type of flooring is will be cleaned perfectly so as the carpets, rugs, mirrors, doors, knobs, light switches, curtains, and blinds.

All of our experienced cleaners are trained and fully vetted to bring you service of the utmost quality. They are equipped with the latest tools, machinery, and detergents that could be found. Simina Cleaning is a responsible company and because of that we are using only non-toxic, Eco-friendly approaches and cleaning agents safe for nature and the health of the family of yours.

How to arrange a visit from our professionals? To make a booking it is simple as that – just dial +44 756 5868 759 and talk with our polite customer support. The operators are always willing to help– they will give you a free estimation, further information, and help you in choosing the proper booking time for you. We are working 24/7 for your comfort. To be 100% sure you book the right time for you, we kindly advise you to choose a slot in advance from our flexible time for the booking.

Our Prices

Studio Flat + 1 Bath

from £89

1 Bedroom Flat + 1 Bath

from £100

2 Bedroom Flat + 1 Bath

from £120

3 Bedroom Flat + 1 Bath

from £130

4 Bedroom Flat + 1 Bath

from £150

Extra bathroom, toilet, additional room, storage, utility room, staircase, extra fridge, oven, blinds and balcony
starts from £25. All prices are based on a completely unfurnished property and all the quotations given by phone
or via email are calculated upon national average room size, unless otherwise stated by the client. *All prices
and offers are subject to our Terms and Conditions. Congestion charge and parking fee may apply.